Commercial Property

Commercial Property Information

Besides providing Lincoln residents with beautiful, affordable residential living options, Cherry Hill Company also offers commercial rental spaces. With various office and building locations found in Lincoln, there is sure to be an office solution perfect for you and your business.

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Each space can be customized to tenant specifications with ample allowance for deluxe finishes.

Make a professional impact on your customers and clients with a versatile, beautiful work space offered by Cherry Hill Company. All spaces offer separate mechanical systems for exacting tenant comfort. Custom space layout service is provided, too. Convenient and energy efficient, our spaces have the lowest rates per square foot of any deluxe office space in Lincoln. Our commercial real estate division is ready to answer any questions you may have about our commercial property.

Contact us at 402-489-4857 or to start a dialogue. We’ll listen to your business needs and budgets, show you options that we believe will work for you, and then get you settled into your new office. Take your business, company, or profession to the next level by utilizing a commercial property managed by Cherry Hill Company.